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Anticipation Events Wedding in Winnetka, Il.

I started an Internship about a week ago with the amazing company Anticipation Events in Chicago, Il.   Anticipation Events Website

The first wedding I got to be a part of was in Winnetka, Il.  I have to say…what an amazing wedding it was!! Here are some shots from the wedding..


This wedding was as you can see not only beautiful but personable, authentic and had a richness about it.  The style was most definitely vintage romantic with touches of rustic beauty.  The exposed wooden tables, vintage vases, eclectic typewriters and Victorian furniture pieces as well as the falling flower arrangements from the tent ceiling and rustic gold Venetian chandeliers all came together to create this rich ambiance and experience.

At this wedding, I helped with an array of tasks that started at 1 p.m on this particular hot and sunny Saturday.  I was grateful that Journey, who has interned with them in the past and continually lends a helping hand especially for larger weddings like this one was able to show me the ropes on my first day.  We arrived fully prepared to this beautiful family’s home with water bottles, Starbucks coffee, trail mix and our hair tied back.  As soon as we met with busy bee Laura, the right hand to Elizabeth, the owner of this pretty swell boutique company, we were led to a focal table in front of the family’s home to begin organizing table seating cards into handmade wooden holders around a large vase of pink, violet and white flowers.  Once finishing this task, the bubbly and sweet Elizabeth showed up while I was placing the head table seating cards and counting chairs for each table in the tent.  She handed me one of the vintage aqua colored typewriters to place in the photo booth station where I also decided it would be a nice idea to add a small arrangement of flowers on the same table.  Journey soon came over and we were then adding colorful pens inside the timeless blue vintage desk which guests were encouraged to use to sign the guest book while also trying to figure out how a typewriter works (what can I say, we’re millennials…) .   Later in the evening, we were putting out lanterns in the walkways leading to the tent, outdoor bathrooms and around the family’s home.  At the end of the night, Journey and I were racing to put together glow sticks for the energetic guests on the dance floor as well as putting out the homemade gingerbread cookies that the mother of the bride made as favors for her guests.  We also made sure the photographer and videographer captured all of these precious moments.

This wedding will definitely go in the books…style, class, fun, quirky and original.  This will be the first wedding of many that I will get to be a part of.  I’m excited to see what the other weddings will look like and how each person interprets beauty in their own unique way.  As for me, my style is most definitely Farmhouse Chic!  Here are some Pinterest pins of the look that I’m going for in my future business 🙂

Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse Chic Outdoors

On that note, regarding my future business that I have slowly been piecing together and dreaming over the past year involves owning a property with this look that will serve for multiple purposes, a wedding venue as well as a place for rejuvenation and reflection… (I’m still refining the details). Part of this is wanting to partner with others that also have a mission of using their talents and gifts for God’s Kingdom.  Shoot me a dm if you would like to connect!

What are your dreams and aspirations?  How can you use your passions and gifts for others even if that means risk taking?  How can we all join forces in creating something beautiful and impactful?  Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time,





Renata Malafaia